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Simbr SPT-3 16AWG 15FT(4.57M) Extension Cord

Simbr SPT-3 16AWG 15FT(4.57M) Extension Cord

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SIMBR Extension Cord Flat Plug Angled with Triple Outlets, Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord Heavy Duty, 16AWG SJTW, 3 prong, Black (15 FT)

Product details

High tolerance of extreme weather:
Decent vinyl jacket endows the cord with the ability to stay flexible in -40? to 105?, and ensures it's super long service time.

Low risk of twisting, knotting:
The insulation covering moderately tightly grip the inner wires, which lowers the risk of twisting, kinking.

Amazing performance on transferring current:
As a heavy duty extension cord, the proportion of copper is higher than 99% which makes the transmission of electric current more effective and safer




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Super long service time:
High quality coating greatly reduces the risk of fraying, cracking even when you drags the extension cord over concrete or rocks.
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